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Gas Boiler System Upgrades

Newbridge Heating Centre are promoting the latest gas boiler technology for our clients. Both Wolf and Viessman gas boilers are capable of providing "Weather Compensated" performance on a 4-pipe system design, which means that they can operate at much higher efficiency levels when compared to conventional boilers and standard system configurations.
A boiler with 4-pipe capabilities has a separate circuit for both radiator and hot water tank heating. With the 4-pipe system the boiler will continue to deliver high heat levels to the hot water tank, but when heating radiators, the intuitive "weather compensated" controls will deliver a varied water flow temperature to the radiators based on the outside ambient temperature. This allows for maximum condensing to take place during radiator heating intervals, thus reducing gas consumption significantly. These boilers are built to a very high standard and offer a 5-year parts and labor guarantee.



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Wolf Boiler
Wolf Smart-set portal online
Wolf FGB boiler and
ISM7 wifi module
Our installation team has taken all relevant training to ensure that your boiler is installed and commissioned in the correct way. We can carry out all of your gas heating system upgrade works from start to completion. We can specify the best model of boiler and the most suitable flue arrangement to suit the application.
It has become normal practice of late for us to integrate central heating controls along side a new condensing gas boiler as they compliment one another and ensure that optimum efficiency is achieved in the home.
These measures can greatly reduce annual fuel consumption whilst maintaining comfort levels in the home. An SEAI grant aid would apply in this situation.
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