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Cleanburn Triple Technology

How does our famous Triple Burn work? It involves the use of three streams of air to maximise combustion. Air is drawn in beneath the fuel, above the fuel (passing in front of the glass door), and behind the fuel. This hot air improves ignition so that the wood or smokeless fuel is burned more efficiently.

What this efficiency actually means is that you’ll get more warmth from your stove – a better performance from less fuel. You can heat your living space for less than other options might cost. It also means that there’s less carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon travelling up the chimney – for a cleaner atmosphere. So there’s an environmental benefit on top of the economical benefit. Some would call it win-win; we call it Triple Burn.

Optimum woodburning conditions

The Tripleburn ® technology improves the ignition of the fuel, with a jet of air directed into the heart of the fire. When the grate is in the closed position, creating a flat base, it allows a deep bed of ash to build up – these are the optimum conditions for burning wood.

Optimum solid fuel burning conditions

When burning smokeless fuel, the grate is moved to the open position by a single turn of the handle. Air is then directed under the open grate and into the heart of the fire, ensuring a clean, efficient burn.

Independently CE tested and approved All the stoves in the Cleanburn range meet the stringent CE approval test requirements

Designed for and tested under the independent testing standards.

  • Tripleburn ® technology
  • Exceptionally hot air wash
  • Dust free, safe and easy riddling
  • Multi-fuel grate system for burning wood or solid fuel

Airwash keeps the glass clean

Triple Burn Technology does the work for you. A tertiary air ‘wash’ maintains a stream of air between fuel and door, reducing the build-up of carbon deposits on the glass.

Lovenholm Air Flow

Sonderskoven Air Flow

Sonderskoven Inset Air Flow

Norreskoven Air Flow

Skagen Air Flow